The Dragon Reborn

The Dragon Reborn  - Robert Jordan There was once a time great epic fantasy door stoppers intimidated me. After all, I started A Game of Thrones three years ago and wasn't able to make it through half the book. Most of the books I read were easier to approach trade paperbacks with a readable font, double-spaced and written in first person point of view with a small cast of characters to follow. It then comes as a surprise that I was able to finish two big Wheel of Time books within two weeks. As of Wednesday, I was even afraid that I might be losing interest. Instead, after pushing on, I greatly enjoyed the rest of the book and found myself turning page after page.

This time, only 1 chapter was in Rand's POV. He appears from time to time, in short snippets and we see him in the first few chapters. After that, he appears in thoughts, conversations, and dreams. This allows for a lot of character development involving the other characters- Perrin, Mat, and Egwene being the main characters with POV chapters. All of these proved enjoyable and I'm really intrigued by Mat and Perrin's new abilities. Egwene is also shown as a dreamer. Perrin can also dream like Egwene, because he is a Wolfbrother. He still has yet to fully adjust to his situation though and I would like to see how he comes to accept it. Mat, is really really lucky. He has a strange sort of luck, in that he always wins and I want to know where that came from. Rand, is probably going crazy from the taint.

I love it when books end on moments of awesome (as both first two books did) and this book doesn't disappoint. When Rand touches Callandor, defeats Ba'alzamon , and becomes proclaimed the Dragon Reborn over and over again by everybody, I resisted the urge to pick up The Shadow Rising immediately simply because there are other books to read. It could have ended there. Ba'alzamon is defeated, Rand triumphed. But then Robert Jordan just goes 'Wait, there's more!' I can tell there are way more in store for our heroes, more moments of awesome, and I was even told that the later books are better. I am excited to continue and I will. But first, I'm taking a break, for real this time.