The Great Hunt

The Great Hunt - Robert    Jordan It took me a month to finish The Eye of the World. With The Great Hunt? Five days. There are so many things about this book that really makes it better than TEotW. Here, my belief that I've found my new favourite series was confirmed. The Great Hunt delves into the world that Robert Jordan has created, introducing us to new cultures, characters, and shows us more about how politics works. Being a worldbuilding nerd, I enjoyed every bit of it. Because of his attention to detail, I can picture the events in my head, I can see how they lived and acted. This is something that I always enjoy in fantasy books. Because I turn to it as a form of escapism, details were always welcome, no matter how much of it is present. Here, the world truly felt like it was opening up and I can start to see the truly epic scale of the series.

The characters have grown so much since the first book. I enjoyed reading about their development and I felt like the character progression was natural. I can see why certain characters did what they did and a certain scene involving Egwene in the last chapters of the book felt powerful. I understand why she did that and I felt her rage too. Rand was the main focus of the book, of course. Most of it involved him trying to deny who he is until the time came when he couldn't. He wanted to protect the people he loved and believed that he was too dangerous for them to be around. In the end, the Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills and he has no choice.

I basically read through the last ten chapters of the book within the span of two to three hours between midnight and two in the morning. By the time I finished reading, I felt the urge to pick up the next book which I had on my nightstand. I decided not to because it was a Monday and I still have classes to go to. The point is, the end of the book was simply amazing. I loved every bit of the battle, the struggles, and the ending. Like some other moments in the book, it had a lot of impact.

I really like seeing Rand, Mat, and Perrin grow more powerful and I wonder what else is in store for them. I originally decided to read another book from another series every two WoT books that I finish. That's not going to happen now because the next book I'm reading is The Dragon Reborn.