The Gods of Pegāna

The Gods of Pegāna - Lord Dunsany I told myself I want to read some old, classic fantasy and get a feel for how it was written in the late 19th century to the the early 20th century. Turns out, it suffers from something that I really dislike about a lot of classics: the writing feels really dry. As such, what should be a short read took what seemed to be forever.

Nevertheless, The Gods of Pegana presented a really interesting mythos with the creator being a sleeping god who will destroy the world when he wakes up. It is a pretty imaginative pantheon of deities with quirks and prophets and interesting stories. Unfortunately, it reads like one of my law books.

I read somewhere that Lord Dunsany influenced a lot of later writers and fantasy, J.R.R. Tolkien included. I’ll have to read the Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion first to see that but I honestly won’t be surprised if I do see it. I would love to see more stories in Lord Dunsany’s mythos, maybe even read more of his short stories. I’m just hoping I’ll get over the writing style soon because I still have a lot of old fantasy on my TBR and I’d hate to be turned off by something very good because I don’t like how it was written.

Still, modern stories in the mythos would be something I’d like to see. I really want to know if there are other writers who wrote about this characters and/or in this setting. Please comment if you know any!