Bound by a Dragon

Bound by a Dragon - Linda K. Hopkins I didn't finish this book, mostly because I found it to be bland and pretty boring. The big reveal happens in an instant, not to mention the insta-love thing. I pretty much couldn't bring myself to care about what happens to the characters. Also, I really disliked how one-dimensional the characters are. The mother doesn't care, doesn't believe her daughter, it's comical how she's written. I didn't feel like the characters behaved like actual people because there wasn't really any character development or if there was, it was like a line or two. I guess the village's hate was understandable but her family? I would expect her mother to be more realistic somehow. Still, it was simplistic the way it was written. Maybe it could have been shown better? I don't know. Most of the book focused mainly on the romance- it would have been better if we got to see how the world works a bit more or even if the romance was written better.

As for the romance, it was the typical stuff I'm starting to shun. The whole instantly falling in love with someone you only get to glance at a few times and maybe talk to for a few times. I don't understand how they fell in love. She was the only one who wasn't afraid? That's it? It was boring, I couldn't care less about what happens.