Tiger Lily - Jodi Lynn Anderson

 I remembered this book. I read it a few days before the start of classes and I just remembered it now.


The thing is, it left a huge impact on me.


First of all, Tiger Lily was such a beautiful character. She’s flawed and she’s neither good nor bad- only in-between. That’s what I loved the most about her- she isn’t perfect. She fell in love with Peter, and he loved her back.


Until Wendy came.


Wendy is perfect. She has everything.


Including Peter, in the end.


What made me cry is the not-so-happy ending (though I’m glad she ended up with Pine Sap, who loved her more than Peter did). How Tiger Lily felt when Peter left and how

Tinkerbell saved her.


Still, it was so heartbreaking and it showed me that first love never lasts and that we don’t always get what we want.


Words cannot describe how I cried after reading this one. It may be the only book that made me into a sobbing mess.