Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

I bought Fangirl simply because I couldn’t find Eleanor and Park in our local bookstore. I was intrigued by the cover and the summary and I decided it’s worth a shot.


Turns out, it’s well worth more than just a shot.


Fangirl is my start-of-the-year book. It was a deliciously warmhearted nerd power ballad- exactly as it says on the blurb in the cover. I fell in love with it from the very start.

I fell in love with Cath’s character. She is, simply put, a nerd, and someone I can really relate to (though I wouldn’t be in college for at least  a year and a half). She loves Simon Snow with such a passion that makes my love for the Percy Jackson books look like puppy love. She, like me, loves to write- though she writes fanfiction, I write my own stories. This is where the similarities end.


Cath is afraid to let go. She couldn’t (pr rather, doesn’t want to) write original fiction- something that makes her Fiction-Writing professor sigh in despair. She’s so in love with Simon Snow and writing fanfiction about him that writing something else feels weird, unnatural. The way she overcome that and finally wrote something original and from the heart at the end was really, really great.


I adore Levi, he was a great love interest- though I must admit that I thought Nick is her love interest. I love those scenes where she reads him her fanfiction. They were, in the simplest terms, adorable.


Wren, I don’t know what to feel about Wren. I get that she wants to be independent but it feels like she’s trying to push Cath away.


like Reagan, she’s pretty badass.


Anyway, I recommend this book to everyone who like Cath, lives in the world of books and writing. You’ll love Fangirl from start to finish.